Insights from Lincoln


“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” 

Abraham Lincoln

To recognize President’s Day, here is a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

This quote certainly fits with Todd’s post on how we all cast leadership shadows with each small action. Our reputation is built on the actions people see.

I need to ask the character question: does my behavior line up with the values I hold most dear? Do my actions show that my character is the real thing?

Anita Rios


4 responses to “Insights from Lincoln

  1. Anita,
    Thanks for the inspirational message today. I watched the Killing Lincoln special last night on the National Geographic cable channel and his character, leadership and motivational skills really came to life. I was reminded of a special quote by Lincoln that speaks to his emotional intelligence – “I do not like that man, I must need to get to know him better.”
    Scott Morrell
    Stone Arch Organization Development


  2. That’s a great quote, Scott. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Scott, I’ll have to see if I can catch that program. It sounds wonderful. I appreciate you sharing the quote as well. Very insightful.


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