All about trust

As a Minnesota native, I trust that summer will eventually arrive, even though my walk to the bus looked like this last week. Winter sidewalk

This trust keeps me motivated even when my day-to-day reality suggests the snow will never disappear. I am able to make plans for my garden, prepare my bike for outdoor riding and confidently get my summer clothes out of storage because I am confident that warm weather will arrive.As leaders, we need our employees to count on us and have confidence in us so that they can make plans and take action because of their trust in us and the organization.  Building trust as a leader is the competency we will be focusing on the month of May.

We define Building Trust as:

Builds trust with others by demonstrating respect, valuing people, and creating transparency. Keeps commitments. Extends trust to others. Inspires confidence both in word and deed. Actively works to restore trust when necessary. Keeps confidences when appropriate.

Over the next month we are excited to share with you both time-tested ideas and new work in the area of leadership and trust. We also look forward to hearing your stories, practical tips and success stories on building, maintaining and repairing trust.

By the way, this is what my front yard looked like 4 days after the snow! My trust was rewarded.

spring flowers

Todd Thorsgaard


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