Making effective decisions

decision lights free to useWe’ve reached our final discussion on the MnSCU leadership competencies. The last topic is one of the most visible indicators of good leadership – effective decision making.

Decision making plays out in many ways across higher education. Examples from the MnSCU competencies include:

  • Ability to creatively and efficiently solve problems
  • Demonstrating critical thinking and asking appropriate questions
  • Seeking alternative viewpoints
  • Using appropriate decision-making methods based on the situation
  • Preparing stakeholders for, and involving them in, decisions that affect them
  • Communicating decisions effectively to stakeholders
  • Supporting decisions once they are made

This list is a bit daunting. Exhibiting all of these behaviors requires a strong set of leadership skills in a wide variety of areas. At the same time, it’s a great description of leadership that is not dependent on rank, position, or job role.

If you were describing effective decision making, which items do you think are most important?  What else might you add to the list?

Dee Anne Bonebright


2 responses to “Making effective decisions

  1. Quoting Harvey MacKay, “Good leaders develop more than good employees, they develop more good leaders.” I would put more emphasis on involving existing subject matter experts and, if you as decision-maker are more knowledgeable/experienced, coaching those SMEs. Pass along decision-making skills and experience.


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