Images of Change

Seeking inspiration for today’s blog, I looked up “change” in Google images.  Here are some of the things I found and a few random thoughts they sparked for me.

change2Change is a process.  I recently heard Chancellor Rosenstone speak about Charting the Future. It reminded me that organizational change as an ongoing effort.  We won’t be able to flip a switch, become more collaborative, and then settle back and say “well, that’s done.”

change1Change is messy.  This mind map is from a site on climate change, but it could be a picture of any major change.  The process is never linear and clean. There are always interconnected activities, multiple paths, and more work to be done.

chnage5Change is a community effort.  Peter Block is an organization development leader who focuses on collaboration and change.  He argues that the building block of any change is the small group.  It’s not what’s happening somewhere else that makes change happen.  It’s what each of us does together with our colleagues in our own work locations.

What images or sayings come to mind when you think about change?  Here is a fun webpage called “38 Awesome Quotes on Change.”  Check it out and let me know which one is your favorite.

–Dee Anne Bonebright


2 responses to “Images of Change

  1. I’ve just looked at the “38 Awesome Quotes on Change” referenced above by Dee Anne. Many are familiar, but most take on new meaning each time you see them. My favorite (today) is the somewhat surprising truth : “Our only security is our ability to change.” (John Lilly) There is also a wonderful “cartoon” image, with the message “Do i have to pick? This is hard.”


  2. Jim: I liked that cartoon too. Some days I know what he was talking about!


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