What does change look like to you?

If you ask 10 people to describe change I am confident you will get at least 20 different answers, depending on the day or even the last 10 minutes.White-Water-Rafting-Canada1                   For some it is an exciting ride into the future. Full of energy and adventure!

For others it is a scary experience they weren’t expecting and have no control over.

wind-bournemouth_1210640iOr it can be a peaceful period of growth and fulfillment.


As a leader I imagine you have experienced change that felt like each of these and many more. The same goes for each person on your team and in your organization. Yet you are being asked to lead changes and move your people and institutions forward at a faster and faster pace.

While we can’t promise a smooth landing, or an adventure with no water in your face, Anita, Dee Anne and I are looking forward to exploring a path that can help you lead and manage change successfully. FINAL Change Image_Page_1You can click on the image for our picture of successful change.

Over the next 11 months we will share ideas, tips, resources and open up a dialogue with you focusing on the following key elements of leading change:

  1. Assess Current State
  2. Articulate Vision for Future State
  3. Set Strategy and Goals
  4. Engage Stakeholders
  5. Build Accountability and Commitment
  6. Develop Capacity
  7. Take Action
  8. Reinforce the New Normal
  9. Evaluate Results

Change is ahead, are you ready to lead down the path?

Todd Thorsgaard


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