Again? Yes!

Don’t let your compelling and articulate vision become just another dusty plaque hanging in a back hallway or a colorful PowerPoint slide that is forgotten when the “real work” begins. Successful changes are led by visions that come to life in the day to day work of the people in your organization.

A wise leader I know always used to remind us, “if you haven’t said it eight times, eights ways, then you haven’t really communicated.” We are all busy at work and have multiple priorities in our lives, plus we all have different communication styles, values, interests and motivations when we are at work. These realities mean that leaders must plan and utilize repeated and multiple communication methods when sharing a vision of the future state.

humans-love-repetitionThe response to the question, “haven’t they been listening?” is actually to ask, “what communication methods haven’t I used yet?” Or, “when and where can I repeat the vision, again?” Dan Olson, a Change Guru from the Star Collaborative, has created a communication tool that you can use to think broadly about the types of communication vehicles you use to articulate and share your vision: Communication vehicles

When you hear yourself asking, “Do I have to say it again?” The answer for a successful change is, “Yes!”

Todd Thorsgaard


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