Get up that hill!

Have you had one of those dreams where you are running and it feels like you are stuck in sand or moving in slow-motion while everyone else is going full speed? That was happening to me a few years ago and it wasn’t a dream. It was my triathlon season going down the drain! Every time I hit a hill during the bike leg my competitors were flying by me. My swim was fine, my run was strong and I was riding well on the flats but once I encountered a hill my race was as good as over. Something had to change! Silhouetted road biker going uphillI had a clear understanding of my current state (painful and slow) and a vision for my future state a strong ride and potential hardware at the finish!) Yet at my next race, even with my vision of victory, I still fell apart on the hills. What I needed was an achievable goal and a strategy to get to my future state.

The third element of successful change is setting a strategy and defining clear goals that will drive the actual behaviors required to implement and sustain the change. During April, Anita, Dee Anne and I will be sharing ideas, resources, examples and opening up a conversation with you on setting strategy and defining goals that will engage your stakeholders and initiate action in our organizations.

What about me, you ask? I set a goal that I would be going as fast at the top of each hill as I was at the bottom of the hill. Clear and easy to measure with my bike computer. Next I researched and created a strategy for a six-month training program that would build my muscle endurance, a key requirement for hill climbing in longer events. I certainly am not an elite racer but I did place in the top three in my age group in two races the next year. More importantly I was able to ride strong on both the flats and the hills! Translating my vision into a clear goal and a strategy to follow helped me succeed.

Todd Thorsgaard



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