Breathe – there’s an app for that!

I was having lunch with a leader last week. We were discussing the chaotic environment and demands that leaders in higher education face today and we agreed that finding more hours in the day would be a great solution. Great idea but not very realistic, sad to say. 24-Hours-Is-not-Enough---short-long-infinity-T-Shirts

I shared that I had found some studies focusing on applying mindfulness in the work setting as a way to help with work-life balance. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a scientist and writer, has stated that “meditation is an act of sanity” in today’s world. Since we can’t create more time, mindfulness can help us be more aware in the moment and find our own equilibrium. At this point my colleague started to laugh and said, “I just found an app for that.” He has started to use Headspace , a free app for android and iOS  devices that introduces mindfulness in short bursts that are easy to try and can be done anywhere. Perfect for busy leaders. The app guides you through a series of 10 minute learning events designed to help you establish a mindfulness practice that works for you.

There are many oMorningCoffee_webptions for learning more about mindfulness. Here is a link to a number of apps. I wanted to share one example that a leader I know is using to help manage the stress and demands of leading in chaotic times.

Todd Thorsgaard




One response to “Breathe – there’s an app for that!

  1. Thank you, Todd. I will certainly check out the links you provided. We can all use some additional “sanity”.


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