Finding your balance

balance beam 2As we’ve discussed this month, encouraging a healthy mix of attention to work and other areas of life is a key leadership skill. While “balance” means different things to different people, paying attention to the subject is critical for personal and organizational health.  Here are a couple of articles from Harvard Business Review that provided useful tips.

First, a recent study,  Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life,  asked senior leaders how they balance work and life priorities. Tips included:

  • Define what balance looks like for you and set personal goals
  • Manage technology; decide when, where, and how you will be available for work
  • Build support networks
  • Be selective about travel and relocation opportunities
  • Collaborate with your partner

On the flip side, Help Your Overwhelmed, Stressed-Out Team provided specific strategies to help leaders support their staff.

  • Make sure everyone understands the unique contribution the team makes to the organization’s mission and goals
  • Evaluate workloads to be sure team members are able to focus on the highest priority areas
  • Encourage team members to schedule at least an hour each day of uninterrupted time to focus on strategic work
  • Carefully assess meetings and ensure they have a clear purpose and that the right people attend
  • Set boundaries about after-hours work, including responding to email
  • Lead by example

As leaders, we set the norms for ourselves and those we work with. How are you supporting balance for yourself and your staff?

Dee Anne Bonebright



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