Who will define your balance?

It is a harsh reality, but in the end we are responsible for finding our own work life balance. Bad news and good news. Good news bad newsToday as I scramble to finish five urgent projects I am reminded that no company policies will find more time in my day for balance. On the other hand, a TEDtalk I heard a few years ago helped me better understand what I need to feel more in balance and steps I could take to be my own pilot.

To finish up our month of conversation on work life balance I am sharing a 10 minute TEDtalk by Nigel Marsh that is humorous, harsh and helpful. Nigel paints a realistic picture of the challenges each of us face in the world of work and then pointedly puts the responsibility for taking action on you! The points that resonate with me include:

  • Define what work life balance means to you
  • Expand your time horizon for your work life balance
  • Look for small actions that can make a big difference

I hope you find his talk as valuable as I did, here is the link – Nigel Marsh TEDtalk 

See you next month.

Todd Thorsgaard


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