Leading and educating a highly diverse population

conference logoWhat does it mean to recruit, retain, and grow our own?  This is the HR vision for MnSCU and one key goal is to create a diverse workforce that reflects the student population. As you can see in this recent Board presentation, we have made progress in some areas, and have work to do in others.  For example:

  • Two-year colleges serve about 27% students of color and American Indian students,  with 7% diversity in all faculty.
  • Universities include 15% students of color and American Indian students, with 14% diversity in all faculty.
  • Women comprise more than 50% of all employees, and represent an increasing number of faculty
  • Nearly 20% of employees in key roles are age 61 and over and can be expected to retire within the next 10 years

There are many reasons why it’s important to  attract, retain, and develop a diverse workforce.

  • Meeting the educational needs of all students
  • Creating a welcoming community for all students, employees, and campus visitors
  • Fostering respect for cultural differences and what each of us brings to the table
  • Providing diverse role models

This issue was reflected in the results of our leadership survey. Participants said that one of their greatest leadership challenges was leading and educating a highly diverse population.  This month we’ll focus on opportunities and strategies to meet this challenge.

–Dee Anne Bonebright


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