Diversity resources for higher ed

As leaders, we all play a part in creating a welcoming climate and acting as role models for campus diversity. One of the best ways to do that is to stay informed about the issues.  Here are some resources that can help.

Insight into Diversity  – this organization provides free resources including a magazine, web site, and weekly newsletter with brief updates on diversity issues in higher ed.  Last week’s issue, for example, included these stories:

  • Introduction to Loretta Lynch, the first female African American to head the Justice Department.
  • Coverage of a student demonstration at Emerson College, where hundreds of students called for increased diversity training for faculty, students, and staff.
  • Profile of an organization that works to increase the number of low-income and minority students in AP high school courses.

Association of American Colleges and Universities: DiversityWeb – AA C & U provides a wide range of resources to promote diversity in higher education. Check out this site for links, including information about the LEAP research initiative (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) that promotes high-impact educational practices for all students.

WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute) – research institute promotes the advancement of women in STEM fields. Their site provides resources for faculty, administrators, and search committees seeking to improve campus diversity.

What methods do you use to keep yourself informed about diversity issues?

Dee Anne Bonebright





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