Effective recognition for driving performance

employee of the monthAs leaders, we know that recognition is an important key for developing and sustaining high performance. We’ve used and observed a wide range of options, from simple thank you cards to employee-of-the-month programs to financial incentives. Given time and resource limitations, how can we decide what would be most effective for our teams?

Here are three tips from HR experts to help you create effective reward and recognition strategies:

Provide early recognition – According to the Blue Ivy Group, length-of-service awards may not be an effective strategy in today’s environment. Younger workers typically switch jobs more frequently, and recognition that can be achieved during the first years of employment is a better choice for reducing turnover and increasing engagement.

Include experiential rewards – Rewards that build connections and create memories are most effective. Examples include team celebrations, opportunities to attend events, and site visits to peer units. Experiential rewards help individuals who are recognized feel emotionally connected to their work, and they create a culture of appreciation for everyone.

Make rewards achievable – Providing one or two annual achievement awards is less effective than more frequent, smaller rewards spread throughout the year. You can also vary the recognition criteria, so that one semester might focus on customer service and another on timely completion of reports.

What strategies have been most effective for you?

Dee Anne Bonebright


Is your company recognition program driving performance? (Blue Ivy Group, July 2014)

Six ways to drive employee performance and motivation (You earned it blog, 2015)




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