This is real – this is hard!

Racial isolationDiversity – racism – pedagogy.

As leaders in higher education we are working in a system and on campuses that challenge our foundational beliefs and our expertise – and that is hard! I know I am struggling to balance my values and views of myself with the facts and figures that describe a system that is unequal and unjust. And the hope that our youth are leading us to a new inclusive world is not supported by facts – as the graphic highlights – we still live and teach in a very segregated culture. That reality hurts!

As I mentioned in my earlier post each of us needs to ask ourselves questions and figure out where to start our journey to shrink our “bubble of ignorance.” A starting point that I found valuable was this panel discussion presented by the University of Puget Sound’s Race and Pedagogy National Conference and public TV station KBTC focusing on Race and Pedagogy and reality our students face as they live their lives and attend our institutions. Race and Pedagogy.

I will be brief in this post and encourage you to take the extra time to watch the video. It doesn’t provide easy answers but it sets the stage for actions we each can take to create a more inclusive learning – and working – environment.

Todd Thorsgaard


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