Enough talk – it is time for action

TT watch editedMy new sports watch keeps buzzing and chiming and literally telling me it is time to take action and get moving if I want to meet my fitness goals.

I recently heard Chancellor Rosenstone challenge leaders at our colleges, universities and system office to also take action. He bluntly stated that it was time for us to stop “admiring” and discussing the opportunity gap and time to take action to ensure that all employees feel included and welcomed in our workplace.

But how?

Verna Meyers, author of the book Moving Diversity Forward:How to go From Well-Meaning to Well-Doing, shares her ideas on how to take action and move forward in this TEDxTalk titled How to overcome your biases? Walk boldly toward them

I was struck by the power of her three main points:

  1. Stop being good – be real
  2. Move toward your discomfort
  3. When we see something – say something

It isn’t easy, but I have started taking action to be more real and move toward my discomfort. I view myself as inclusive and unbiased, yet a closer examination of my life clearly shows that I primarily interact with white, non-Hispanics. To become more real I have been actively partnering with a colleague who is Latina. She and I have been working together and presenting on Unconscious Bias and Diversity at multiple events. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and slowly spending more time with people who have a vastly different life experience than me. It is a small step, and I need to do much more, but it is movement.

Where can you start taking action and get moving into your discomfort?

Todd Thorsgaard


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