Building trust

trusted_advisorAbout ten years ago, I was attending a session by the Great Places to Work Institute, where the speaker was talking about the key elements that make an organization a great place to work. As you might know, one of those elements is trust. As he was talking about building trust he said, “There are no trust neutral interactions.”

That statement has stuck with me since that time. In fact, I’ve found it profound at a very basic level, to realize that every interaction I have has the potential to build trust or break down trust. Every conversation I have with a colleague, every meeting I participate in, and every project team I contribute to, I have the opportunity to build trust or the occasion to break it down.

This month, we will be exploring another leadership competency:  building trust. This is an essential skill that leaders need in order to build and maintain effective working relationships. We’ll look at building trust from both the interpersonal and organizational level. We hope you will join us in this important dialogue and share what you have learned about building trust in your leadership journey.



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