The ABCDs of Trust

Ken Blanchard is a thought leader in management and leadership. As Todd mentioned in an earlier post, Blanchard’s organization has been focusing on leadership and trust. They published this article that describes a four-part model of trust:

abcd trust

The following eight steps can help you be an able, believable, connected, and dependable leader – a trusted leader:

  1. Demonstrate trust in those you work with. For example, deal with problems on an individual basis rather than creating blanket policies to address one person’s bad behavior.
  2. Share information.  Provide data to help people think broadly about the organization and its inter-relationships.
  3. Tell it straight.  Demonstrate integrity, even (or especially?) about bad news.
  4. Help everyone win.  Provide opportunities for collaboration rather than competition.
  5. Provide regular and ongoing feedback, and ensure that those who report to you do the same.
  6. Address concerns directly. Deal with challenges head-on and provide an opportunity for others who are involved to weigh in.
  7. Admit mistakes. Create a culture where it’s acceptable for people to admit when they are wrong and correct their mistakes.
  8. Walk the talk.  Demonstrate the idea that “we are all in this together.”

Trust is an essential component of effective leadership. It’s also fragile and easily damaged. How do you maintain the ABCDs of trust?

Dee Anne Bonebright



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