Welcome back!

students moving inHard to believe that it is September and even harder to believe that the craziness of the new school year is upon us. We hope that you all weathered the work required to get classes started and were able to soak up the excitement of your students returning to campus, each one with their own unique background and goals.

September also marks our return to blogging. This month we will be exploring the leadership competency of stewardship. We’ll look at what it means to be a good steward and how that can determine if your students reach their goals and if your staff and faculty can serve your students. Demonstrating good stewardship starts with:

  • understanding the general principles of budgeting, finance and human resource management
  • making informed decisions regarding resource allocation
  • communicating decisions regarding resources in an effective manner to stakeholders

At a deeper level stewardship can also mean serving your community, protecting and enhancing the physical and environmental space you work in, embedding service into learning, and taking accountability for improving the world around us.

Welcome back and we look forward to reconnecting taking time to reflect and focus on the start of the new school year.

Todd Thorsgaard


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