7 Times, 7 Ways: Promoting your Mission & Vision to ALL

multiple-intelligences-learning-stylesYou’ve done it: brainstormed your thoughts and direction for your organization, used feedback from employees at all levels, and collaborated with your leadership team to create a Mission and Vision statement that everyone is proud of.  Now what?

Try the “7 Times in 7 Ways” method to come up with creative, interesting ways to promote this exciting news!  The thinking behind this practice is to go beyond email blasts and posters, and really think about unique ways to get your message heard by all your “learners” (in this case, your employees).

Which leads to another helpful teaching and learning practice: Multiple Intelligences.  This idea is centered around the different ways people receive, filter and retain information, based on how they perceive the world around them.

Picture Smart people respond well to visuals (like those posters), while a Word Smart person will actually read an email instead of skimming it and possibly missing important information.  Recruit your People Smart staff to work your kickoff event; the Logic Smart folks may or may not attend, but if they do they’ll appreciate receiving brief and concise information more than a giveaway cap (which may be highly valued by your Nature Smart staff).

What ideas can you come up with that could work for your organization, using the tips in this article, while thinking about multiple ways that people receive, retain and value a message (i.e., learn)?

Image: www.connectionsacademy.com

Cindy Schneider






One response to “7 Times, 7 Ways: Promoting your Mission & Vision to ALL

  1. wonderful usage of language in the piece, it in fact did help when i
    was reading


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