Mind the Gap

HardMind the Gap sign in subwayly anyone claims that building capacity is simple or easy – because it’s not!  Building capacity often means big changes to an organization.  You’ll encounter moving targets, shifting priorities, and trouble spots you may not notice right away.

The chart below can help you think things through, and “mind the gap” (or pay close attention to where you’re going, as it’s said in England).  If your plan to build capacity is Missing one or more of the gaps as shown below, it may not end well.

For instance, creating an Action Plan without full input from all your stakeholders (or not having an Action Plan at all) could delay the launch, and likely result in follow-up communications to correct prior communications.


The links below give an introduction to this model, and offer tips for using it.  Are you able to spot any gaps in your plan that you may need to mind?

More Information on the Knoster Model

Tips for Implementation

Cindy Schneider




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