Welcome to Higher EDge!  We hope you will join our conversation about tools, resources, and ideas to sharpen our leadership effectiveness.  Our focus is on supporting leaders in higher education who are facing critical challenges with changing demographics, reduced state and federal funding, increased competition for students, and disruptive innovation in technology and learning delivery.

We are the Talent Management team for Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU).  Our goal is to provide leadership and support to Minnesota State in attracting, retaining, and developing employees to meet current and future educational needs.  To find out more about our unit, visit http://www.hr.mnscu.edu/talent_management

Our 2013 posts mainly focused on the Minnesota State Leadership Competencies. You can see a complete list by visiting the tab above and searching the archive link on the right hand side.  In 2014, we focused on the stages of change. This year, we are addressing leadership challenges that were identified by many of our leaders.

We’d love to hear from you, so please post your comments and feedback.

Anita, Todd, Dee Anne and Cindy


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