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Stay curious

childs curiosity“Life is best experienced with a sense of awe, wonder and discovery. Go about life with a child’s curiosity.” – Tom Gregory

I’ve been musing lately about what makes people exceptional communicators. And I’ve noticed one commonality. They are interested in others and their ideas. While they may be very interesting people themselves, they don’t focus on only telling their story. They draw out other people’s stories. And they focus on learning and discovery in the process.

I have a dear colleague who I consider a master communicator. I’ve always appreciated her ability to connect with people, put them at ease with a warm smile, and ask them questions about themselves. Her natural curiosity fires this talent and she has built strong relationships at work and in her personal life as a result.

In my leadership journey, I’ve tried to focus on being a good communicator by asking questions and encouraging dialogue with others. Still, I have to remind myself to stay curious at times. If I’m lulled into thinking I’m the only expert on a particular topic, or if I’m feeling rushed by deadlines, my curiosity can be dulled.  It’s in those times that I can miss an opportunity to approach a situation, a problem, or a person with awe and wonder.

What do you do to stay curious?

Anita Rios